Modern technologies are really magic. Some years ago cellulite removing without diet sounded really strange and in most cases was nothing but advertisement. Nowadays professional cosmetologists really accomplish such task using special equipment.
Millions of impressed women around the world insist on the opinion the lpg endermologie is the massage of the XXI century that guarantees charming results.
LPG massage is considered among the most effective ways of body contouring and cellulite removal therefore such service becomes more and more demanded in beauty salons.
Such technique implies using of special equipment that looks like rollers that move in different directions with different speed. Such massage technique provides positive effect to subcutaneous tissue, skin, blood-vascular and lymphatic systems.
Speaking about the main differences between such technique and other alternative services the following advantages can be pointed out:

  1. capturing dermis fat part by vacuum;
  2. skin massage by rollers that make various movements;
  3. affecting the skin by vibration.
    Such massage technique demands wearing special clothing in order to exclude possibility of skin defects and other harm.
    An average duration of the massage continues 30-40 minutes while the complex of sessions is about 10-15 sessions. Positive changes are noticeable after several sessions.
    Among the main positive changes the following ones should be indicated:
    • body contouring;
    • cellulite reduction;
    • skin elasticity restoration;
    • fat cells removing;
    • blood circulation improvement, etc.
    But remember that endermologie lipomassage near me implies body contouring, not weight loss therefore such technique is frequently combined with healthy nutrition and regular physical exercises.
    Besides, this technique is frequently mixed with other salon services to get the maximal effect.
    Comparing such massage technique with manual procedures the first one is much more effective while the final results depends on several factors including a cosmetologist’s professionalism, his experience, quality of equipment, etc therefore ladies are recommended to apply to reliable beauty salons only.

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